• Move over Barbie — a more realistically proportioned doll is coming

    A healthier-looking doll named Lammily is poised to make her debut in the real world in November, thanks to months of publicity and a wildly successful “crowdfunding” project.

  • Raising an honest child

    Honesty is a learned trait. Children learn how and why to be honest from the important people in their lives. Here are some things parents can do to model, teach and encourage honesty.

  • First-born kids do better in school, study finds

    The first-born kids in a family do better in school than their siblings who follow, perhaps in part because they face more intense monitoring and rules, a new study finds.

  • Is organic food really better for your health?

    Here’s a rundown of the evidence on nutrition and contamination levels for organic and conventional products in five categories — milk, produce, meat, eggs and fish — to help you decide whether to buy organic or stick with conventional.

  • Girl Scouts looking for volunteers

    The Girl Scout Council of South Florida is looking for volunteers to help with everything from mentoring Girl Scouts to office work.




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