Best & worst restaurant meals for kids

You’re still more likely to find chicken fingers and fries on kids’ menus than wraps and salads.

How to fight head lice

In South Florida, every season is lice season.

Fresh ideas for fund-raising

Fundraising experts say schools need to step up creativity to keep donors motivated.

Keeping kids from losing religion

Sooner or later, it happens: Your child starts questioning your religious beliefs - or rebels altogether. What's a parent of faith to do?

Supporting your gay child

Rare is the study that explores the positive aspects of growing up gay in America.

Tips for coaching kid sports

Practice is the coaches' time to shine, whereas, games are players' time to shine.

Best local family bike rides

A nice family ride is one that meanders through neighborhood streets and bike boulevards to an ice cream shop or other fun spot. Here are some favorite routes.

Answers for adoptive parents

The bottom line is to deflect intrusive comments while keeping the relationship between you and your child your No. 1 priority.

Helping kids through divorce

Some parents don't understand that every decision they make regarding their divorce will affect the well-being of their children in countless ways.

Cord blood banking: Should you?

There are many decisions that tug at an expectant mom's heart. One is whether to bank her newborn’s umbilical cord blood.

How to get kids into modeling

My twin daughters have been modeling since they were 6 months old. Now 6 years old, they have signed with an international agency.

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